Napster and Super Hi-Fi are now working together to allow music streaming services and leading consumer companies to easily create the next generation of personalized and branded music. The two pioneers in music technology allow companies across a variety of industries, where music is a critical component of their business offerings, to add a critical layer of differentiation and customized listening features.

“Napster serves many brands across various industries and we’re always looking for ways to super serve our customers with custom solutions,” said Bill Patrizio, president and chief executive officer, Rhapsody International, parent company of Napster. “Super Hi-Fi’s compelling audio stitching technology enables us to do that in a whole new way, and we’re excited to engage our mutual partners with our combined value propositions.”

Napster’s complete music and audio technology platform – “Powered by Napster” – makes it possible for companies to deploy world class streaming solutions more quickly and efficiently than other alternatives. It offers companies a suite of solutions, including music and media streaming and download infrastructure, applications, rights management, customer billing, royalty administration and business intelligence. Powered by Napster is available as both a branded and white label music solution.

“The streaming music market has become largely undifferentiated across music selection, pricing, features and access,” said Zack Zalon, chief executive officer, Super Hi-Fi. “We’re melding Napster’s back-end music and audio platform with Super Hi-Fi’s seamless front-end integration. The result is a service that allows digital music service providers and music-driven consumer brands to create highly compelling, personalized audio products with authentic and ownable voices that were previously unattainable.”

Super Hi-Fi powers A.I.-based, individually customized listening experiences across streaming services, terrestrial and digital radio, and other music delivery services. Listeners benefit from distinctive and engaging audio experiences that allow them to enjoy music, news, weather and other relevant thematic programming in a fluid, precisely stitched flow. The company’s platform uses advanced AI to source, produce, manage, deliver and seamlessly connect any type of audio content at scale and in real-time. This highly curated and flawlessly delivered listening experience is what gives brands a critical advantage in an increasingly commoditized market.


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