There is nothing like the sound of a live musical performance, the excitement of the crowd, and the connection felt between the performers and the audience. We expect to be dazzled (or dizzied, or blinded) by the light show and rumbled deep in our guts by the subwoofers.

Starting today, you can close your eyes and be in the front row at your favorite band's concert with Sony’s 360 Reality Audio experience. It’s a revolutionary way to listen to music and for fans a thrilling new way to make music come alive without leaving the house.

Napster and Sony have collaborated to bring 360 Reality Audio streaming to consumer companies worldwide and create the next generation of personalized and branded music. Napster’s complete music and audio technology platform – “Powered by Napster” -- offers companies a suite of solutions, including music and media streaming and download infrastructure, applications, rights management, customer billing, royalty administration and business intelligence.

“The first time I experienced 360 Reality Audio I got chills. A telltale sign Sony’s mind-bending service is a serious game changer,” said Brian Ringer, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific Region of Rhapsody International. “Powered by Napster’s integration with 360 Reality Audio streaming will allow companies to create their own immersive, personalized audio experiences for new and existing customers and become an important feature in our service’s tool box.”

Powered by Napster will offer 360 Reality Audio next year.


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