The cliché that many musicians are commitment-phobic often doesn’t apply — to tattoos. The ephemeral nature of the creative can be constrained in permanent skin ink, so here are the top picks for odd musician tattoos, including Minnie Mouse performing fellatio on Mickey, the BET logo, Bugs Bunny and Keith Haring’s barking dog. Can you guess which tattoo belongs to which musician?


  1. Tyler B. Murphy of Die Antwoord
  2. Riff Raff
  3. Dappy
  4. Missy Elliott
  5. Dave Grohl
  6. Lily Allen
  7. Janet Jackson
  8. Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal (in response to Axl Rose kicking them off their tour and asking the crowd if they liked “The Pigeons of Shit Metal”).
  9. Cara Delevigne
  10.  Ke$ha
  11.  Mark Wahlberg