When Rhapsody started 15 years ago, it was built on the idea that people wanted to share and discover new music within a music-loving community in the same way we shared mixtapes and CDs  with our friends. Today we’re excited to announce a new set of features to make finding new music more social and a lot more fun. With The Listener Network, Rhapsody and Napster listeners around the world can discover new music and connect with other music fans who have similar tastes.

The fun starts with our Music Match tool, a new feature powered by our Music Intelligence Engine™ that helps listeners measure their music compatibility with other listeners around the globe. Once you measure your match percentage with any listener, we’ll also generate a unique Matched Playlist of new songs based on your overlapping tastes. You can also check out the Trending Today playlists located on the home screen to get a daily dose of music you haven’t listened to that’s popular within your network. Even better, the more music you follow the more new music you’ll find, so make sure you check in every day.

Here’s a video that shows you how it all works.

Curious about what you’re friends are listening to? Invite your friends to join and take advantage of Rhapsody’s spring promotion here.