The heat just can’t keep a good band down, and while it’s steamy in Austin — temps rose to over 90º Tuesday — that didn’t stop Day 1 of the SXSW 2016 music festival from delivering epic performances and showcasing amazing new talent. Here’s a recap of who we saw:


Great band @partybabylives #sxsw

— Rhapsody (@Rhapsody) March 16, 2016

PARTYBABY hit it hard and heavy. The band is a blast live and their fun, melodic rock ably toes the line between cute and raging. It’s a heavy dose of ’90s nostalgia, paying tribute to the likes of Weezer and Harvey Danger. So far, we’ve given Jamie Schefman the prize for coolest guitar, but the week is young and there may be more challengers. Either way, we think you should definitely turn up PARTYBABY’s new single “Everything’s All Right.” 

Lost in Austin: #SXSW2016 Day 1 w/ @partybabylives @PatrickSweany @wsalashumara @peaches

— Rhapsody (@Rhapsody) March 16, 2016

Patrick Sweany

.@PatrickSweany at the @ninemilerecords showcase making it happen

— Rhapsody (@Rhapsody) March 16, 2016

Patrick Sweany is a guitar player’s guitar player. Attacking his instrument with wild abandon, Sweany wields so many thumb and finger picks, he looks a little Edward Scissorhands. But the result is stunning as he creates a hybrid picking style like no one else.  During his set, he roared at the crowd gathered in the Gibson Room at Maggie Mae’s and got the entire place stomping. No matter how you cut it, Sweany the real deal and his performance of authentic Texas swing is the one of the many reasons music fans have to make a trip to Austin.

Walter Salas-Humara

A short jaunt from downtown and up Congress Avenue lies the well-known Continental Club. Last year’s New West Records showcase introduced us to the likes of Buxton and Daniel Romano, and Tuesday night featured a Walter Salas-Humara curated line-up of friends and local singer/songwriters. Musicians started the night singing and leading their own acts while they ended by grabbing tambourines and accordions as the evening evolved into a high-spirited, joyful jam session.

Jimmy LaFave, Peaches Close Out the Night

.@peaches climbing all over us at #sxsw

— Rhapsody (@Rhapsody) March 16, 2016

The night ended as it should with a set by Jimmy LaFave followed by none other than Peaches crowd surfing across town. LaFave is a local legend and a renowned Woody Guthrie interpreter who possesses a voice that draws you in as he masterfully winds songs and stories together.

Peaches, of course, is a force. Playing DJ, vocalist, artist and all-around wrecking crew, she crushed her set at Maggie Mae’s outdoor patio, peaking with her epic jaunt atop the crowd that drove everyone into a frenzy. Peaches is a boss and she knows it. Here’s to more of her being uniquely awesome self this week.