Picture the following: You’re listening to your favorite artist on Rhapsody when a notification pops up on your phone alerting you the artist’s upcoming concert in your area along with a link to get tickets! 

This is all possible through a partnership between Rhapsody and BandPage  to let fans know about upcoming concerts and help musicians drive ticket sales. Sweet child of mine, the opportunities to bring more music into your life are endless.

Starting today, a new mobile push notification feature will deliver alerts to Rhapsody mobile app users on upcoming concerts from their favorite artists. This push notification — the first of its kind — combines the power of Rhapsody’s user music preferences, listening behaviors, and geography with the power of data and insights from BandPage to notify fans aboutbandpage jpg concert dates the moment they decide to listen to a particular touring artist’s music.

“The new notification feature from BandPage and Rhapsody is a huge win-win for artists and music fans,” says Bryan Calhoun, Digital Strategist for Maverick/The Blueprint Group, G-Eazy, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and The Roots.

“We’re constantly looking at ways to help artists reach fans about upcoming shows in the moment they are listening to the artist’s music. The push notification will enable musicians to increase revenue in a natural way within the streaming service, and ultimately shorten the distance between a fan finding out about an offer and being able to act on it.”  

The push notification is available nationally as an automatic update for Rhapsody subscribers on Android, with support for iOS coming soon. All you have to do is allow push notifications, and listen to your favorite artists. Users can disable mobile push notifications from Rhapsody in their settings.

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Cheers to bringing more music into your life, and check back for updates!