Huzzah! Listening to your Rhapsody playlists on Sonos just got a whole lot better. You asked, we listened. You wanted new ways to get the most out of your Rhapsody subscription when listening on your beloved Sonos speakers. That’s why we released a new and improved Rhapsody experience within the Sonos app, just in time for those cozy winter nights.

The updated Rhapsody on Sonos beta will make it easier than ever to fill each room in your home with the music you love to hear.

  • A Mood for Every Room: Whether you’re prepping a dinner party in the kitchen, hosting a holiday soiree in the living room or looking for a chill playlist to unwind in in the bedroom, Sonos Moods will help you set the perfect tone anytime, anywhere.
  • Sonos Spotlights: Want to share new music with friends and family? Find featured tunes handpicked by our editorial team just for Sonos listeners in the Sonos Spotlights section.
  • **Turn it Up: **Get the most out of your speakers with improved audio quality. We upgraded the bitrate so you can stream at 320 kpbs AAC and crank up the volume.

We’re proud of our partnership with Sonos. As their first streaming music partner back in 2006, Rhapsody helped pioneer music streaming in the home with Sonos, making it easy for people to listen to the music they love in every room. Over the years, Sonos has been among the most popular ways to listen to Rhapsody. We took a look back and found some interesting stats about our 9-year partnership:

  • The very first track streamed on the Sonos platform was “Broken Mirrors” by Acoustic Junction, on July 25, 2006.
  • Our listeners have streamed a massive amount of music—more than **7 billion plays since 2006. **
  • U2’s “Ordinary Love” is the #1 song Rhapsody listeners stream to kick-start their mornings.
  • **“Someone Like You” by Adele **is the #1 song streamed by Rhapsody users on Sonos of all time.

To get the new version of Rhapsody on Sonos, pull up the “Add Music Services” menu in the updated Sonos app and select Rhapsody BETA. New to Rhapsody? Take advantage of our free 60-day trial for Sonos users.