What a year. It’s no secret that 2015 was one of the busiest in company history with the backdrop of major change in our industry. Regardless, we grew our subscriber base by 45 percent in less than 12 months and now have nearly 3.5 million global subscribers in 34 countries. Wow.

*“Next year, Rhapsody will celebrate its 15th anniversary and we’ve never been more excited or optimistic about a category that we helped define in early 2001,” said Ethan Rudin, chief financial officer, Rhapsody International, Inc. “Despite increasing competition, we continue to believe in the value of music and see our role as vital in creating experiences with music that users around the world will pay for.” *

If you’ve been with us for a while, then you’ll know that we spent a lot of time in the last year refreshing our core app experience. Our goal is to be the easiest place to listen to the music you love and we experimented a lot. This year, we were the first streaming service to make it possible to share full-length, licensed songs on Twitter using audio cards. You also saw us unveil a set of activity-specific modes, including Rhapsody Kids and Rhapsody Auto.  These new models fuel every music moment throughout the day for users – whether that is in the car or when listening with your kids before bed.

We also celebrated Rhapsody unRadio’s first anniversary. Introduced last summer, Rhapsody unRadio is Internet radio reimagined.  At $4.99 per month, Rhapsody unRadio has no advertising and allows users to save up to 20 songs for offline playback. Interest in and use of the service is continuing to gain momentum.  In the first 18 months, subscribers have listened to more than 25 million hours of music and streamed 875 million songs through Rhapsody unRadio alone.  We’re beginning to see our efforts paying off. Overall, global listening hours with Rhapsody are up nearly 30 percent in 2015.

In addition to key new product features, Rhapsody’s footprint continued to expand with the help of new landmark partnerships. This year, Rhapsody added support for new Chromecast Audio and Chromecast TV, Tango, Shazam, and a refreshed listening experience on Sonoss.

We continue to believe in the value of music

Growth in Europe continued thanks to new channel partnerships that introduced Napster to an even wider set of music lovers. corinthians and napsterNapster inked deals with global supermarket chain, Aldi; served as the featured music service for the sixth season
of “The Voice” in Holland; and partnered with German news outlet, BILD.de, to directly integrate Napster into the web experience for readers. Napster also started to break into sports with partnerships with top football clubs, including Borussia Dortmund (Germany) and Corinthians (Brazil).

As we prepare to turn 15 next year, we’re already working on a number of features and experiences that make listening to music more personal. We’re also looking at new features that give a nod to the origins of streaming music by making the discovery of new music inherently more social.

Thank you again for your support throughout this wild and crazy year and we look forward to sharing more music with you in 2016.