The car is one of the most common places listeners enjoy music. In fact, when we surveyed Rhapsody and Napster listeners around the world, 92 percent told us they listen to our streaming service in their car.

To keep your ears happy and your eyes on the road, we’re introducing AUTO, a unique, tailored music experience that makes it easy to enjoy your favorite music while you’re on the go. Simply plug in the auxiliary cord or turn on your Bluetooth, select AUTO from the main menu, and use one of the four navigation buttons to select the perfect playlist.

AUTO’s simple user interface makes finding your favorite songs, tracks, genres or playlists from Rhapsody’s and Naptser’s editors easy. A few key features for you to try:

  • Easy access to your music: Rhapsody Auto ModeWith just one tap, access your favorite songs, trending tracks, or top tracks from your favorite genre. Looking for something new? Access dozens of curated playlists perfect for your next road trip or morning commute.
  • No more awkward silences: All songs added to AUTO mode will play on an automatic loop so you can spend more time listening and less time struggling with your phone.
  • **Discover new music from our custom radio engine: **Start a radio station from any song by tapping the “Play More Like This” button in the full player screen for a lean-back listening experience.
  • Easy to see and navigate: The full screen player provides easy viewing.
  • Be kind to your data plan: Streaming music in the car can be a huge suck on your expensive data plan. To ease your data pain, all songs or albums bookmarked for AUTO mode will auto-download for offline streaming.

Like we recently did with the launch of Rhapsody KIDS, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy those moments when music is most important – at home, with your family, and now, while you’re on the go.

Rhapsody AUTO rolls out globally today for Android and is coming soon to iOS.  Download the update today and take Rhapsody with you on your next ride.