Big news: our ever-growing catalog just acquired the two latest full-lengths from The Black Keys. Fans of killer rock ‘n’ roll can now crank El Camino and last year’s Turn Blue endlessly (or until they’re forcibly removed from their homes for disturbing the peace).

While The Black Keys were no strangers to fame before El Camino and Turn Blue, the albums catapulted them to new levels of rock stardom. The former went platinum and boasts a pair of monster hits in “Gold on the Ceiling” and, possessing one of The Keys’ all-time best opening riffs, “Lonely Boy.” But don’t sleep on deep cut “Stop Stop” with its awesome, Television-like guitar squeal. Turn Blue, in contrast, is significantly more psychedelic and trippy. We’re talking heavy mood music for heads looking to melt in a bath of fuzz guitar (“Weight of Love”) and Floydian reverb (“Bullet in the Brain”). The music just never ceases revealing new shades of sonic splendor.

It certainly has been a banner year here, especially if you’re a fan of rock ‘n’ roll. Last spring we obtained the Led Zeppelin discography, this summer we unveiled AC/DC’s catalog, and now two of The Black Keys’ best albums join the party.