Rhapsody KIDS is the first streaming music experience created specifically for children – even better, it’s right inside your existing Rhapsody mobile app.  

There’s a CD wallet stuffed with scratched discs from my son’s baby days rolling around somewhere in our car, along with other useless things like that sticky tennis ball and some old Halloween candy. We can’t bear to get rid of those musical relics, even though we abandoned them long ago in favor of streaming music on our phones and tablets.

So today – yay! – I’m celebrating the arrival of KIDS, the first streaming music experience for children. Little listeners now have a personalized app to play – and replay – their favorite songs. They can discover plenty of new music that – yes, parents – they’ll want to hear again and again… and again.

As a mom, music writer and KIDS editor for Rhapsody, I love the way digital music’s endless catalog can create an instant party, make learning fun, encourage kids’ curiosity and shoo nightmares away. There are so many songs, from classics I listened to as a child, to music trending on the playground (how is it my son knows the words to these songs before I’ve ever heard them?), plus soundtracks, the latest kindie releases, children’s music from all over the world, Sesame Street, nursery rhymes, kids’ pop, rock for babies, toddler’s ABCs – it’s so much more than you can imagine, and it’s all there in KIDS. What’s also great about KIDS is that I can share my favorite music with my son. All I need to do is find a song, tap “Add to KIDS” and presto! there it is in the app.

As someone who makes playlists for other parents, as well as making them for a living, I listened to kids’ music long before I had a child, and I’m always happy to find the answer when someone asks, “What’s the name of that song?”

Have you noticed how these days kids act as the family DJ as soon as they’re out of diapers? Giving up control of what we listen to in the car and what they’re exposed to when they’re playing with friends could be seen as a modern milestone. At the same time, I share concerns about kids navigating to the nether regions of the Internet and the darkest corners of YouTube – we all want to find a way for our kids to stick to the clean(er) songs. (There’s nothing wrong with “Stinky Feet,” but you know what I mean.)

KIDS lets you be hands-and-worry-free while little ones safely explore and make their own musical selections. My seven year-old son can browse and choose songs in the same way he surfs through radio stations and TV channels.

We’ve packed the app with playlists and albums for kids up to 10 years old to enjoy, and we’ll keep adding more. On top of that, we’ll post updates, interviews with artists, and news for parents in the blog section.

Here’s a list of some of the playlists and albums I’ve hand-selected for the launch of KIDS: Silly Songs, Caspar Babypants, Be Yourself, Canciones and Cats & Dogs playlists and albums of lullabies for babies, classic Sesame Street songs and Jack Johnson’s soundtrack to the Curious**George film.

So grab your kids, ask them to try out the app, and let us know what you think on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.