Rhapsody and Napster have a new look on mobile

Today, we are launching our new, redesigned mobile app that’s even more tailored for you! Check out the Rhapsody and Napster updates for a brand new mini-player and full screen player experience. With these new, simplified displays, you can now favorite tracks directly in the mini-player, swipe to change tracks, and enjoy dynamic color updates and styling to match the albums you’re playing.

Other updates include more personalized new album releases for quick access to new music from your favorite artists.

Here at Rhapsody, one of our top priorities is to ensure that listeners experience the most personalized and responsive platform available around the globe. Today’s update extends our efforts over the past few months to bring you closer to your friends and favorite artists with new features, such as Twitter Audio Cards and Music Inbox. We hope you enjoy the new look!

These updates, along with upgraded album art visibility, are now available on Android and iOS.