Rhapsody and T-Mobile launched unRadio one year ago with a radical goal: Internet radio worth paying for. Since then, we’ve continued to rewrite the rules and have learned a lot about how people are using this service.

In its first year, unRadio subscribers streamed about 424 million tracks. Thanks to unlimited streaming and no fear of data overage penalties on their nationwide 4G LTE network, T-Mobile customers are the most active unRadio listeners, tuning in to nearly 50 percent more music than other unRadio subscribers.

Things are really starting to pick-up. We doubled our total number of unRadio members since November 2014. Who are all these listeners? Android-using, hip-hop loving music fans, apparently.

  • Most popular platform: Android app
  • Most popular artist: Drake
  • Most popular genre: Rap/hip-hop
  • Most popular track: Trap Queen by Fetty Wap

And we’re not stopping there. Ever listen to your favorite station for a while and suddenly hear a Christmas song – in the middle of July? We recently introduced a new recommendation engine to make sure that doesn’t happen.  Our amazing technology uses 13 years of editorial playlist metadata looking at global listening behaviors of Rhapsody subscribers to get smarter about what you’ll want to hear next.

T-Mobile, the Un-carrier™, continues to be our partner in delivering a different kind of Internet radio experience that listeners can take with them anywhere.

“We’ve had a blast this past year teaming up with our friends at Rhapsody to rewrite the rules of streaming radio,” said Mike Sievert, chief operating officer at T-Mobile. “This partnership’s about a passion for music we share with millions of customers who’ve made the most of unRadio and their Music Freedom—enjoying unlimited listening without ever burning their high-speed data.”

So what makes unRadio different?

  • More control with unlimited skips and no pesky ads
  • Ability to save your favorite songs to listen later or download to listen offline
  • Access to the complete Rhapsody catalog and streaming AM/FM radio around the world

unRadio is available for $4.99 per month or at no added cost as part of a Rhapsody Premiere subscription. T-Mobile customers on the Simple Choice plan for unlimited 4G LTE data service get unRadio as part of that service, and other T-Mobile customers pay just $4 per month to subscribe.