Partners Use Listening Data to Create a One-Stop Music Hub

Today we have some exciting news to share. We have launched a partnership with BandPage that creates a full-service, personalized streaming experience. You will not only get to listen to all the music you want but also be alerted when your favorite band is coming to town and receive more information about new bands you discover. The biggest fans – those who listen and engage the most – will be treated as VIPs and be directly notified of special opportunities such as private shows, custom recordings and more.

Every day Rhapsody users listen to tracks, “favorite” songs, follow musicians and share tracks with friends. Taken together, these millions of data points paint a clear picture of your favorite musicians.  To give you more of what you love, we will now deliver compelling things from your favorite musicians like upcoming shows and special opportunities about the band. The insights to what you want are derived by applying complex analytics to the “big data” sets created by our users.  This data is only used to provide relevant offers and you can opt out of notifications, if you choose.

In the same way other big data analytics firms use data from major streaming services to power music recommendations, BandPage is using data to help streaming services know what tour date or special offer to display with the goal of creating a better user experience for you and more revenue for the band.

The integration rolls out on our mobile app today, so make sure you listen, favorite and share your favorite tracks