We thought this day would never come — yet here it is. And it’s time to share the big news with our faithful subscribers: You can now listen to the entire Led Zeppelin discography on Rhapsody.

That’s right.

From Led Zeppelin IV (aka ZoSo) and Physical Graffiti to Houses of the Holy and Led Zeppelin II, we’re talking about nothing less than one of the greatest catalogs in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. To celebrate the occasion, we’ve programmed a variety of playlists and posts with the intention of enhancing your enjoyment and navigation of Zep’s towering oeuvre.

For a deep dive into the band’s discography, might we suggest Led Zeppelin’s 25 Classic Hits? If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a playlist that helps contextualize the group’s lofty place within the evolution of rock ‘n’ roll, definitely check out 25 Albums That Invented Hard Rock. And if you’re simply craving something totally fun and irreverent, Rock’s All-Time Sexiest Singers is the one for you. Whatever stripe of Led Zeppelin fan you may be, there’s a playlist for you!