Yellowcard frontman Ryan Key understands the risks and rewards of doing an acoustic set. He embraces the intimate connection between the musician and audience, something “just so different [from] when you’re playing a full-blown rock show.” Here, live from San Francisco’s sunny South Park, Key presents the anthemic “Make Me So,” a track off Yellowcard’s 2014 release Lift a Sail. After watching, be sure to also check out “One Bedroom“, and the band’s mainstream breakthrough “Ocean Avenue,” from the same session.

As for the other members of Yellowcard, guitarist Ryan Mendez and bassist Josh Portman put together a playlist of their thrashiest metal favorites, just for us. “The sound pulls you in and is unrelenting,” says Portman. “From the ’80s thrash-metal riffs of Megadeth to the brutal grindcore harmonies by Carcass, here are some songs with epic choruses, sick riffs and gnarly chords that blow my mind with every listen.” Mendez adds, “When I was first introduced to the heaviness of Meshuggah, the futuristic chord progressions of Soilwork and the shredding in Children of Bodom’s riffs, I had never heard anything like it. … Here’s a playlist of some metal songs that jolted me out of my punk/emo phase and changed my life.” Listen to the playlist here.