Over the past seven years, the introduction and rapid adoption of “smart” mobile devices have transformed how and where music fans can enjoy music services like Rhapsody and Napster. Today, 80 percent of our subscribers listen to music on their mobile device, and more than 60 percent of users exclusively listen on their phones.

These devices have also opened up new possibilities in how people communicate; next-generation messaging apps have transformed your phone into a single place where you can keep in touch with your friends, discover and share music, watch videos and play games.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of a new Rhapsody Channel on Tango, one of the most popular mobile messaging apps, with more than 200 million members worldwide across 224 countries. Tango offers a unique blend of messaging, social discovery and content folded into one platform, enabling users to text, play games, discover videos and music, share photos — and of course to make free voice and video calls.

Our new Rhapsody Channel gives Tango members an ongoing feed of interesting music, music news, and streaming video, and allows them to find, play and share clips of music from Rhapsody’s global catalog of more than 32 million songs.

Tango members can access and follow the channel through the Music section of Tango’s Channels tab, and experience our daily mix of news, video and music as a part of their news feed.

Next-generation messaging platforms like Tango have become a central way for consumers to communicate. We’re excited to take this initial and important step forward in weaving our service into the fabric of these experiences.

To check out the new Rhapsody Channel, download the latest version of the free Tango app on iOS and Android.