Tonight, we announced the availability of a breakthrough new Internet radio service, Rhapsody unRadio – Internet radio, reborn. Rhapsody unRadio reimagines what Internet radio can be, by removing limitations that interrupt your listening experience and giving you more control of great music that never stops.

Rhapsody unRadio’s breakthrough features range from unlimited skips and no ads to the ability to save your favorite songs and listen to them at any time – even without a connection. You can also create your own stations based on the songs or artists you love, listen to the hundreds of professionally-programmed stations or tune in to thousands of AM/FM radio stations from around the world. Additionally, our new TrackMatch feature helps you identify songs you don’t know or pinpoint the ones you can’t put your finger on.

Music lovers interested in checking out Rhapsody unRadio can get the service starting tonight for $4.99 per month through for iOS, Android and Web use. If you’re a current customer, Rhapsody unRadio is free and baked into your current Rhapsody Premier account. Separately, T-Mobile will offer Rhapsody unRadio at no additional charge to customers on the Simple Choice plan for its newest unlimited 4G LTE data service, and a discounted price of $4 per month for any other T-Mobile customer, on June 23.

For more information on Rhapsody unRadio please visit

Check out Rhapsody unRadio’s product video on YouTube.