Michael W. Smith is a singer, songwriter, composer, worship leader and crossover pop star whose career reads like a history of the Christian music genre as a whole. From the post-Jesus music of the early 1980s to the pop push of the ’90s to the worship craze that marked the turn of the century, he’s reinvented himself multiple times. Along the way, he’s sold more than 15 million albums, achieved 28 No. 1 songs, and earned three Grammys, an American Music Award and more than 40 Dove Awards. The father of five is a friend of presidents and world-renowned religious leaders like Billy Graham. With such a varied career, we couldn’t help but wonder what he listens to in his off hours. Here’s what he had to say:

“I’ve always found inspiration from all kinds of music, be it instrumental, movie themes or faith-based artists to piano ballads and classic pop hits. This list should give you an idea of what inspired me during the last two years of recording my new record, Sovereign. Enjoy this playlist of what’s been playing in my studio, car and home, as we’ve been working on my new album.”

Click play to hear an intro from Michael W. Smith, and all of his picks. — Wendy Lee Nentwig