The Billboard Music Awards on May 18 will spotlight the best of 2013, a year that was quietly one of pop’s most iconic years in ages, from Daft Punk‘s helmets to Macklemore‘s thrift clothes to Robin Thicke‘s, um, naked assistants. Miley Cyrus gave new meaning to “Wrecking Ball,” while Pharrell Williams put an irresistible new spin on being happy if you know it. Lady Gaga‘s underrated Artpopand synth odysseys like “G.U.Y.” still got many people to dance, as did Kesha and Pitbull‘s surprisingly twangy “Timber.” Beyoncé (“Drunk in Love”) and Drake (“Hold On, We’re Going Home”) slowed it back down with career highlights. Hear all these tracks and more with this Billboard Music Awards 2014 Nominees playlist.