Singer, songwriter and producer Jesse Nolan of Caught a Ghost has quite a range of influences — everything from Southern gospel to Motown to electronic — that mix and mingle in his band’s sound. Their debut album, Human Nature, is riddled with tasty nods to great musical moments: Just check out the Motown-styled horn in “Sleeping at Night” or the hypnotic pulse of “Time Go.” To celebrate the album’s release, we asked Nolan to create a playlist for Rhapsody. Suffice it to say, we are blown away by what he made for us.

Jesse tells us: “For my Rhapsody playlist I chose to focus on some of my favorite songs that heavily incorporate samples, choosing mostly songs where I was very fond of both the original version and the sampled version. I think these illustrate the best of what you can do in trying to recapture someone else’s musical spirit. Several of the songs incorporate more than one sample, but I focused on the most obvious one. Interestingly, ‘I’ll Take You There’ by The Staple Singers is not only based off another song, but also appears as a sample in another song on this list, ‘Boyz-N-The Hood.’ Very cool.” Enjoy! — Linda Ryan