Birds of Tokyo are extremely proud of their Australian musical peers, many of whom have been great influences on the members of the alt rock quintet. So it wasn’t a big surprise when we asked Birds of Tokyo drummer Adam Weston to make a playlist for Rhapsody, and he delivered with an Aussie-only list! Weston explains: “This playlist includes some of the classic Oz-rock bands that I grew up with. Australia still has an amazingly talented and diverse live scene today, and more and more Australian artists are being recognized at an international level — which is great not only for them, but for the attention it’s drawing to other emerging acts.

“Everyone in Birds started off by playing with friends and forming bands, honing our craft while we lived and breathed music. Sure, there was other work and studying to do, but we took every opportunity to jam and book gigs. We eventually found each other because of this mutual love for all things musical, and we continue to build upon this chemistry,” he tells us. With that, hit play and transport yourself to the land Down Under. — Linda Ryan