From inking a deal with Universal Republic Records to the recent release of the group’s self-titled debut, the past year has been a hectic one for The Colourist. When they’re not in the studio or on the road or conducting an interview — which these days isn’t often — the Orange County, Calif.-based quartet enjoys relaxing days spent with their pets and listening to dreamy indie pop. Nicknamed “Maya’s Mellow Hour with a Furry Friend” by drummer and vocalist Maya Tuttle, the group’s Celebrity Playlist most certainly is awash in laid-back vibes and stress-free fun. At the same time, it’s a playlist that also possesses a subtle yet potent sense of diversity. After Beach House and The Flaming Lips open with their respective forays in warm and fuzzy psychedelia, listeners are treated to an impressive array of sounds and styles, including lo-fi electro-pop (Neon Indian), quirky electronica (Metronomy), arty cool (X Ambassadors), 21st-century twee (Now, Now) and reggae-flavored bop (Vampire Weekend). The Colourist even toss one of their own cuts (“We Won’t Go Home”) into the mix, a move that offers fans a chance to hear how the group’s music fits into the modern indie landscape. But be sure not to get too analytical. After all, this playlist sounds best when you’re cuddling with that certain special furball in your life! — Justin Farrar