Rhapsody’s Ones to Watch artist for April, Thumpers, come to us from London, where they’ve cooked up a debut album for Sub Pop Records that’s got us giddy. The duo of Marcus Pepperell and John Hamson, Jr., melds a variety of sounds, from sunny indie pop to booming synth-rock. So it’s no surprise their tastes run the musical gamut, as evidenced here on their handmade playlist, which features everyone from L.A. noise experimentalists HEALTH to English hip-hop provocateurs The Streets to dance-punk pioneers ESG. “This playlist is dedicated to that feeling we’ve all had; you know, where you were having the best night of your life … but now you’re in a bit of trouble. Don’t panic, though, it gets better,” they tell us. “This playlist is evocative of overdoing it; it is *not *intended to be played when in that state.” We’ll just interpret that to mean play this mix now, and play it loud. Consequences come later.