Today at Facebook’s f8 Developer Conference in San Francisco, the social media company announced, a free, open source tool for developers that enables apps including Rhapsody to link content from their apps to directly to other apps.

We’re happy to provide our users with a better experience on mobile through App Links. Starting today, Rhapsody users can access tracks, playlists, and full albums shared in Facebook streams faster by deep-linking users into the Rhapsody app or prompting them to download the app if it’s not already installed. For example, if your friend shares a new album from Rhapsody to their News Feed, now thanks to App Links, you will be able to click on the link, which will send you directly to the album within the Rhapsody app.

Implementing App Links gives Rhapsody fans a richer mobile experience by bringing them right into the app allowing for faster playback, quicker access to content and a more seamless music experience.

Check back soon for more updates.