Pete Lawrie Winfield’s life has just taken a dramatic turn… for the better. Making music under the alias Until the Ribbon Breaks, the U.K.-based artist has the world at his feet on the strength of two dark, fidgety singles, “Pressure” and “2025.” A student of film, Winfield often writes music while watching film projector images. “Silent moving images of nature, space, a busy street, whatever it maybe, take on a new sense of gravitas when soundtracked and vice versa,” he says. The process certainly adds to the energy and cinematic feel of his music.

So what does Winfield listen to when he wants to unplug? A lot of what’s on this handmade mix, what he calls The Tour Bus Playlist — Music for Traveling and Falling Asleep To. “When you climb back on the bus after playing a show, the atmosphere can often be somewhat ethereal,” he tells us. “You’ve spent the evening in a chaotic, busy venue, surrounded by activity from sound check to the last song of the set. Once the door of the tour bus is pulled shut, the outside world is extinguished in an instant, and the job at hand is now readjusting to the serenity and quiet of your space.

“This playlist,” he continues, “serves as an accompaniment to this idea. Perhaps escapism. Definitely relaxation. The idea that you can remove yourself from a reality through music. Soft, soothing ambient, fantastical electronica, and gently plucked strings all have a tendency to affect the mind and body when presented in the correct way, at the right tempo.” So hit play, and lull yourself into euphoria.