Today, we are excited to announce that Rhapsody and Napster will be available on Fon’s new cloud music sound system, Gramofon. Leveraging Qualcomm’s AllPlay standard, Gramofon will make it easy to stream Rhapsody and Napster throughout music lover homes.

With Gramofon, smartphones are the remotes and WiFi brings everyone together. Since Gramofon makes it even easier to go beyond Smartphone listening or laptop listening, the streams go straight from the cloud to Gramofon to the sound system. Rhapsody and Napster offer a global music catalog of more than 32 million songs that stream anywhere you want to listen.

“Our goal is to bring music back into the living room. We have been working on this for a year now—what started as a passion project is now a living, breathing, incredible product that will transform the music experience, making music social and enjoyed by all involved. We are thrilled to be working with Rhapsody and Napster,” says Martin Varsavsky, the CEO of Fon, the world’s largest WiFi network.

Gramofon, which was just unveiled two days ago on the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter, does not depend on Bluetooth and up to 20 people can connect to it and DJ simultaneously. Multiple speakers in living room and multiple remote controls showcase the power of Gramofon’s WiFi design. This isn’t possible with simple Bluetooth accessory speakers.

“At Rhapsody and Napster, we are committed to making music a daily habit for music lovers on any device that they want,” says Jody McKinley, vice president at Rhapsody International, “By leveraging our AllPlay integration, Gramofon provides another way for our customers to enjoy music throughout their home.”

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