Android users unite. Rhapsody and Napster subscribers using Android can now stream their favorite music throughout their home with Google Chromecast. Chromecast makes it easy to cast your favorite playlists, tracks and stations directly to your TV by firing up your Rhapsody or Napster app and casting via your Android smartphone or tablet.

When you cast Rhapsody or Napster, you can play songs instantly, without the interruption of ads from our global catalog of 32 million songs. Casting music with Rhapsody and Napster is perfect for entertaining or if you are just relaxing at home, giving you the big screen advantage while keeping your music within arm’s reach.

Using Rhapsody and Napster on Chromecast is simple. Press the Cast icon in the action bar of your Rhapsody or Napster Android app and your TV instantly mirrors what’s on your devices screen.

“Adding support for Google Chromecast is another example of our commitment to giving music lovers more ways to easily enjoy the music they love in the comfort of their own home without interruption,” said Paul Springer, Rhapsody International’s SVP of Americas and Chief Product Officer.

The latest version of the Android apps for Rhapsody and Napster are available for casting on Chromecast today, while support for iOS platforms will be available later this month.

Learn more about Google Chromecast here. Come back soon to hear about more updates for Rhapsody and Napster.