Going back to school never sounded so good.

We’re excited to announce that Rhapsody is now offering special back-to-school subscriptions for college students exclusively at Barnes & Noble College campus stores nationwide. Whether you’re headed into your first year or your fourth year of school, we’re offering subscriptions to Rhapsody’s 20 million song library at a price point that fits your budget.

Available for purchase at Barnes & Noble College campus stores, students can pick up the Rhapsody membership subscription designed to power the rest of their college experience for up to a 58 percent discount:

  • Seniors can purchase a one year membership for **$79.99 (a $120 Value) **
  • Juniors can purchase a two year membership for $139.99 (a $240 Value)
  • Sophomores can purchase a three year membership for $**179.99 (a $360 Value) **
  • Freshmen can purchase at four year membership for $199.99 (a $480 Value)

With Rhapsody, students can bring their music with them everywhere they go. Rhapsody offers unlimited streaming music from rock to reggae and every genre in between thanks to the deep 20 million song library. Our promise is that your music listening experience is never interrupted with ads, whether you’re listening to Rhapsody Radio or making playlists for studying, partying or just chilling out.

Head to your Barnes & Noble College campus bookstore and start listening to music that goes where you go.