Rhapsody has always been about connecting avid fans with artists to bring music forward in a fun and contextual way. Rhapsody listeners can realize that vision through our entertainment news, commentary, reviews, event coverage and interviews.

Now Rhapsody is taking our original, curated content and syndicating it to publishing partners in the music and entertainment blogging community. By allowing bloggers and publishing partners to grab content that is specifically designed to be embedded and re-contextualized, Rhapsody is developing a music media ecosystem. This is exciting because it is the first content syndication program of its kind, combining syndicated entertainment content with embedded native affiliate ads.

Through this syndication process, bloggers within the community will not only have

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the opportunity to provide more content to their readers, but they will also gain a new revenue stream. The revenue stream will come in the form of native ad units tracked through Rhapsody’s affiliate program that blend seamlessly with the content experience.

Each week Rhapsody’s affiliate team will syndicate music-focused articles through a special distribution site designed exclusively for publishing partners. Bloggers can then choose the relevant articles and photos for their audience from a wide variety of music genre-focused content from Hip Hop to Rock to Pop and Country. These articles will include both artist and album focused pieces, as well as the art and imagery to accompany them. Once embedded on the blogger’s site, each article will contain a native ad in the form of an affiliate link specific to that blogger. The blogger will then be compensated when a music fan clicks through the article and starts a new Rhapsody membership.

Sounds awesome, right? Bloggers and publishers with an entertainment or music audience who would like to learn more about the program should contact the Rhapsody affiliate team for details at affiliate@rhapsody.com or sign up for the program here.