When Ivan & Alyosha’s headline tour hit a snag in Atlanta last week when their van and trailer were stolen, Rhapsody quickly jumped on board to help the band replace its gear.

Ivan & Alyosha have set up a Pledge Music campaign to pay for new equipment, which can be found** **HERE.  Rhapsody has donated $10,000 to kick off the fundraising effort.

“We are big fans of Ivan & Alyosha, who have been friends of Rhapsody since the beginning. When we heard that their entire tour kit was stolen, we were quick to rally support for them and get them back on the road. We invite our members, friends and partners to join us,” said Jon Maples, vice president, content, at Rhapsody. “At Rhapsody, we do more than just listen, which puts the artist at the center of every corner of our business and our culture.”

Despite the setback, the band is continuing on with planned tour dates, and has announced additional dates for later this summer.

Fans can show support by using the #helpianda hashtag on Twitter.

Check out music from Ivan & Alyosha on the band’s artist page.