Rhapsody’s new iPhone app was just launched, and it’s a stunner. Beautiful and fully redesigned, the latest incarnation of the Rhapsody experience gets the music playing faster than ever. And did we mention that it looks amazing?

From geek to chic, this is a completely new experience with the aim to get out of the way and get the music playing!

You’ll notice it right away, with the visually rich homepage:


  • We moved the artist images and album art up front, so they’re no longer buried beneath text-heavy lists.  Directly from the home screen, you can navigate  New Releases, Popular Artists, Featured and Popular Albums to find the album or track and begin playing music!

  • Tapping on Browse allows you to search or well, browse,  by genre and sub-genre and tap to play to commence playback.

  • All of the music that you personally curate lives in My Music.  We broke this out into two separate distinct sections:

Library :: Sub-categorized by Playlists, Artists, Albums, Stations, Queue and **Listening History, ** this content lives in the cloud and can be accessed whenever you have an active network connection.

Downloads :: We understand that you have music that you obsess over and just can’t live without, and that this is the music you download to ensure you can always listen to it  without worry of a choppy connection or eating away your precious bandwidth. Since we know this is the most important music on your phone, we made it easier than ever to get to it. Again and again.


Here’s the new Album page. From here, begin playback by tapping the Play or Shuffle buttons. Dig into the album review or navigate to the Artist page by tapping the microphone image.

image (1)

Ready for an audio-visual treat? Check out the gorgeous, full screen player! Your iPhone never looked better!   When you tap  the + image a pop-up menu is revealed with options to add the playing track to My Music, Download or add to your Queue or a Favorite playlist.


More great things to come from the Rhapsody iOS team in the coming weeks – so come back soon, if you can take your eyes off of our app.

Go get the app here!


Brendan Walsh

iOS Product Owner