Controversy may be paying off for Brad Paisley, whose  song, Accidental Racist is the most popular track on his new album on Rhapsody. The track,  a duet with L.L. Cool J (not a typo), comprises 10 percent of plays on the album.  This is a huge share of plays, considering it was not the single (that would be Beat this Summer, with 7 percent of spins) and is buried in the middle of the album.


Typically, the single outperforms all tracks on a new release. For context, Better Dig Two, the single on the new The Band Perry record, accounts for 15 percent of plays.   In addition,  Rhapsody members normally listen to the tracks toward the beginning of a new release as they explore the album. So, the fact that Accidental Racist is the biggest track is no accident–it’s the result of listeners discovering the song thanks to its popularity on the Internet, and checking it out on their favorite service.

Wheelhouse (Deluxe version) Track Listing

  1. [Bon Voyage](
  2. [Southern Comfort Zone](
  3. [Beat This Summer](
  4. [Outstanding In Our Field (Featuring Dierks Bentley and Roger Miller with Hunter Hayes on guitar)](
  5. [Pressing On A Bruise (Featuring Mat Kearney)](
  6. [I Can’t Change The World](
  7. [Onryo](
  8. [Karate (Featuring Charlie Daniels)](
  9. [Death of a Married Man (Featuring Eric Idle)](
  10. [Harvey Bodine](
  11. [Tin Can On A String](
  12. [Death Of A Single Man](
  13. [The Mona Lisa](
  14. [Accidental Racist (Featuring LL COOL J)](
  15. [Runaway Train](
  16. [Those Crazy Christians](
  17. [Officially Alive](
  18. [Yankee Doodle Dixie (Bonus Track)](
  19. [Facebook Friends (Bonus Track)](
  20. [Get Even (Bonus Track)](
  21. [Southern Comfort Zone (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)](