Veronica Belmont, host of Revision 3’s Tekzilla is, in no particular order, an unabashed geek, a polished karaoke power balladeer, and a pretty rad chick. As an authority on all things gaming we asked Veronica to share a list of her favorite tunes from video game soundtracks. Check it out here. She was also kind enough to answer a few questions–enjoy!

VBWe have a list of your favorite tracks from video game soundtracks (above). I’m wondering, as the gaming experience becomes more immersive, what role do you think music plays in game design and experience?

Music is a huge part of the gameplay experience, for several reasons. Most importantly, to me at least, is that it creates another layer of immersion to a game. If I’m walking though a nightclub, like in Mass Effect 3 for example, it makes sense that I would hear the appropriate kind of music in the background. But it can also work as an ambient layer to help set a mood or a tone for a section of gameplay. I like it when certain areas of a game have a very specific soundtrack that I can identify that zone with.

We won’t ask you to name your favorite game on each console, instead we’ll play some word association. Which title comes to mind first (and maybe a brief explanation), when you think of:

NES – A Boy and His Blob

*** • SNES***– I have the power! (super power!)

*** • Genesis*** – Chris down the street, who had one

Nintendo 64– Donkey Kong 64, which was amazing

*** • Playstation*** – Never had one, waited until the 2

Game cube – Ocarina of Time

*** • ColecoVision*** – my mom (she worked for Coleco)

In a piece you wrote for Engadget you mentioned that being a “geek” really just means that you’re more obsessed than the average person with any particular subject. Does your “geekiness” extend to music? If so, what was the first album that you really connected with?

Probably more back in high school and college than it does now, unfortunately! I was obsessed with the local music scene in Boston, and went to shows all the time. I even had a radio show at my college station. But it’s hard for me to keep up on all the cool new stuff nowadays. I get most of my music from my husband or from listening to the XM stations in my car (yes, radio is still a thing!).

What was your first live show? Best live show?

My first big concert was the WMRQ Backyard BBQ. It was our local radio station’s big summer concert, and The Offspring were headlining. I was only there because I was interning at the radio station!

My best live show… oh boy, that’s tough. Probably Sunny Day Real Estate. It was their reunion show, and it was only like a year or two ago here in San Francisco. I had never been able to see them live as a kid, so it blew my mind. They were just as good as ever. Plus, everyone there was like 35-40 years old. It was amazing.

VB2Your cat, Mr. Littlejeans, has a decent social following himself, does he have any musical leanings?

No, he’s a cat. Silly. Though, don’t ask him about the band Mr. Little Jeans, he finds it very annoying.

***You also host [Sword & Laser](Sword and Laser), a science fiction and fantasy show. Game of Thrones has become a bit of a cultural phenomenon and you had George Martin, the author whose work the series is based on, as a guest on the show. What’s he like? ***

He was awesome! We were a little worried that maybe he was going to be a tough interview… you know, he does so many of these things, he’s probably sick to death of talking to people. But we were able to talk to him about things he likes, like The Avengers, and he just totally opened up.

*On a related note – you’re sent the Wall to the take the black, what one album are you taking with you? *

The Smashing Pumpkins  – Siamese Dream. But please do not talk to me about the Smashing Pumpkins post-1995.

So, sure you a natural on camera, but when the bright lights are really on at your favorite Karaoke spot, what songs are you going with? Do you practice?

I do show tunes. Phantom of the Opera (my speciality), Grease, etc. I also like the tried-and-true 80’s power ballads, like Bon Jovi (Livin’ on a Prayer), Meatloaf, and Bonnie Tyler. I practice insofar that I do karaoke a lot.

You’re a busy women, between your hosting duties on Revision 3, the speaking circuit, podcasting, writing, gaming, prolifically tweeting What’s up next for you?

We’re working on a S&L book anthology, which we’re accepting submissions for in March! I’ve also got a TV pilot airing in March as well, so stay tuned for that!

Veronica tweets! Often! Follow her: @veronica