Volleyball star, model, fitness guru, actress, mother, and wife – Gabby Reece wears a lot of hats, and she wears them all with flair and style that have endeared her to many, including her husband, big wave surfer Laird Hamilton. We sat down with Gabby to talk about fitness, being a mom, and of course, music.

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Q: Let’s start with the important stuff – are you really part of the “Malibu Mob” or guilty by location?

A: We are always all looking for an identification – so the boys loosely created a club that I have somehow been thrown into – lucky me.

Q: Any similarities between being an elite athlete and a mom?

A: You need a lot of endurance.

Q: We’re going to put you on that hot seat. You have to pick one partner to play with — Misty May Treanor or Keri Walsh Jennings. Who would you choose?

A: Misty because I am a tall player and she is probably the best person in the world to play behind a block. One would be fortunate to play with either.

Q: You have a new book coming out in 2013, anything you can share with us in advance?

A: The title is My Foot’s Too Big for the Glass Slipper and I basically give away all of Laird’s dirty secrets – No, seriously, it’s my observation of relationships, taking care of yourself, aging, sex, raising children…the basics.

Q: You grew up on the Virgin Islands. Curious what kind of music were you listening to?

A: Reggae, and occasionally Calypso

Q: What was the first album/ artist you connected with?

A: The BeeGees

Q: What was the first live show you attended? Favorite live show?

A: Van Morrison / U2 with Eddie Vedder

Q: Fitness and living an active lifestyle is obviously a huge part of your family. What role does music play in that?

A: Huge – it’s the motivation most days to get moving and it’s the sound track instead of my heavy breathing –the music I train to is very different then the music I listen to…

Q: Music can also be a family experience. If you were packing up the whole gang for a road trip, what would the soundtrack be?

A:  Almost Famous

We also had a chance to chat with Gabby’s Husband, Laird Hamilton, so stay tuned for that. For more, you can also check out their website gabbyandlaird.com