You’ve heard about the music. The parties. Sean Parker, Bruce Springsteen and Al Gore. The adventures of Rhapsody’s editorial team.

Meanwhile, everyone heard a lot about Rhapsody:  from *Billboard*, to the *LA Times*, to *Pitchfork* and all over the Internet. Before the first note was sung at the festival, [Pitchfork]( recommended Rhapsody’s day party (featuring [Washed Out](, [Zola Jesus](, [Caveman](, [Tanlines]( and [Gauntlet Hair]( as one of the must-see parties of the week. Once Interactive kicked off, syndicated columnist Eliot Van Buskirk [wrote]( an item about Rhapsody’s product vision (which was covered by MusicAlly and [Hypebot]( Later,  [Billboard]( and the [LA Times](  reported the on panel where Jon Maples, head of product, Rhapsody spoke about artist royalties on streaming services. Our concert was later covered by [Pitchfork ](, and was the[ backdrop]( for an LA Times story profiling the management company who handled the business for bands performing there.
It was a fantastic week to see music, learn from peers and meet with partners. If you missed SXSW this year, you can live it vicariously on [The Mix]( and on [Pinterest.](