**A rock ‘n roll road trip to Austin drives engagement through sponsored editorial**

**SEATTLE—March 7, 2012—**Rhapsody and Acura teamed up to put the number-one premium subscription music service’s South by Southwest editorial coverage (http://www.rhapsody.com/blog/acura) into overdrive.  The innovative video campaign, “From Silver Lake to Austin” centered around a rock ‘n roll road trip and delivered millions of ad impressions, with viewers spending more than five minutes engaging with the Acura brand.

The “From Silver Lake to Austin Field Trip” campaign took Rhapsody editors in an Acura TSX from Silver Lake to the 2011 South by Southwest music festival, where they interviewed bands and visited legendary rock ‘n roll locales. The series starts in LA, where Rhapsody visits with Smashing Pumpkins in Silver Lake, and ends with G. Love and others in Austin, with stops in-between, including the hotel room in Joshua Tree where Gram Parsons spent his final moments, Las Vegas with Panic! at the Disco and aboard a sky tram in New Mexico with BrokeNCYDE. All videos from the campaign can be viewed at: http://www.rhapsody.com/blog/acura.

Original editorial content has been a cornerstone of the Rhapsody experience.  For the past decade, Rhapsody has employed a diverse staff of renowned music journalists who guide Rhapsody members through its 14-million song catalog spanning nearly 600 genres with features, videos and playlists, including sponsored content.

“We work closely with our editors and advertisers to create sponsored content that amplifies the advertiser’s brand while upholding the editorial integrity Rhapsody has built,” said Gina Perino, director, advertising sales and operations, Rhapsody. “As a result, brands benefit from being tightly integrated into the content, and Rhapsody members get a richer editorial experience that is surrounded in music to make an even deeper emotional connection between our members and advertisers.”

Acura Roadtrip Campaign Snapshot

•Average Time Spent on Page: 5:13

•20 percent of visitors to the program viewed a Field Trip segment to completion

“The campaign with Rhapsody was compelling because it associated the stylish and sporty Acura TSX Sport Wagon with entertaining, music-centric content,” said Mark Ortiz, national interactive marketing manager at Acura. “The Rhapsody program thoughtfully integrated the fun videos into the media rather than interrupting the music or video.”

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