With 38 percent of all Rhapsody playback coming from smartphones, mobile is an essential part of the on-demand music experience

SAN FRANCISCO—September 22, 2011— Here’s something to “like”: Rhapsody unveiled a new free trial today for Facebook Music users that provides unlimited and instant access to Rhapsody’s catalogue of 13 millions songs with the click of a button. The trial also includes access to Rhapsody via all major smart phone types including Apple and Android mobile phones, making it the only on-demand music service to offer a free trial with full access to all features for 30 days, even while on the go.
No strings attached: The Rhapsody free trial is different than other on-demand music services:

  • No restrictions on monthly listening time
  • No requirement that your friends join
  • No advertising
  • No payment required to enjoy music on mobile devices
  • No credit card or sign up required

Mobile usage has skyrocketed over the past year, and is on the verge of surpassing the PC as the most popular way to listen to Rhapsody, with the mobile and PC platforms each accounting for 38 percent of plays. In addition, mobile users are enjoying their Rhapsody subscriptions even more by playing 30 percent more tracks on average, than someone who listens to Rhapsody only from their PC.

While most on-demand music services put access to their mobile offering behind a pay wall, Rhapsody’s new free trial provides full access to its mobile platform so users can immerse themselves in the full Rhapsody music experience wherever they are–with or without an Internet connection.

“Taking mobile access out of the on-demand music experience is like taking Mick Jagger out of the Rolling Stones,” said Jon Irwin, president, Rhapsody. “Consumers love listening to Rhapsody on their smartphones, without advertising and gimmicks to keep their free experience going. We’ve found that the best way to demonstrate the value of an on-demand music service is to actually provide it in an on-demand fashion; on the device you carry with you everywhere.”

During the trial period, Facebook users can listen to Rhapsody’s library of 13 million songs on more than 70 consumer electronic devices, including all smartphone platforms—no credit card or sign-up required. In addition, they can sample from Rhapsody’s programmed and artist radio, browse original editorial content and try out Rhapsody’s new social music features – all for free and without advertising.

“The only free music we believe in is music that is free of restrictions,” said Irwin. “We have found that a trial is the optimal way to convert paying subscribers, and I expect that Facebook Music will amplify the effectiveness of this proven marketing tactic.“

To learn more about Rhapsody, please visit www.rhapsody.com/plans. You can also follow Rhapsody on Twitter and Facebook.